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Intim Escort Berlin
Anita Age: 21
Price: 100,- Euro 1 hour
Phone: +49 (0)176 – 10 33 61 94

Sweet Teen Girl Anita with super figure looks for One Night Stand in Berlin

I am the sweet Teeny Girl Anita and as a passionate private model you will find me here at Escortservice Berlin. Are you looking for a One Night Stand in Berlin? Then maybe we should get to know each other, don’t you think?

My super figure is my trademark. At 1.63 I have a weight of about 50 kilos and I need a strong male breast to lean on it. My graceful figure is completely in your strong hands and I hope that you know how to handle it. Touch me calmly, I won’t break. An escort service is beautiful, isn’t it? So you can let the body of a teeny girl warm you up and enjoy a One Night Stand in Berlin, if you feel like it.

Give me your hands. I want you to feel them both. A 75 B is optimal for men’s hands, don’t you think? Knead them and show me what experience you have when it comes to breasts. Mine will certainly not overwhelm you, I promise you that. They are only in good shape, young and firm, as it is the case with a teeny girl. Massage them into me, feel my heart begin to beat wildly underneath.

But I want to take your hand somewhere else, because you certainly want to feel that, too. My holy of holies. One hand is enough and you feel that I am completely shaved, don’t you? And you notice what you got with this escort service everything. And you also suspect what this One Night Stand will be in Berlin. You feel it. You feel the warmth, the smoothness, the moisture and how soft it is. You like it, of course you like it. And you may feel it, because I like your hand down there very much. It’s good when I notice how hot it makes you, how you have to put all your concentration together so that you don’t immediately attack me.

Let me sit on you. You won’t regret it and you know it. You wish it for yourself so much and I fulfil this wish for you. Sit directly on it and watch your gaze. Your salvation, your tension, which falls away from you. I love this sight and you love this feeling, am I not right? The teeny girl makes you crazy at your long-awaited One Night Stand in Berlin, isn’t it? I feel how horny it makes you and how your masculinity strives to conquer my femininity. Let her do it quietly, I’m more than ready.

Fact file

Height: 1.63 m
Bust size: 75 B
Weight: 45-50 kg
Figure: daintily
Clothing size: 34
Hair color: black
Intimate hair: completely shaved
Nationality: Eastern Europe
Languages: German