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Intim Escort Berlin
Katy Age: 25
Price: 100,- Euro 1 hour
Phone: +49 (0)176 – 10 33 61 94

Katy is a very cuddly little girl who loves to kiss

Hello my dear, I am Katy, 25 young and just right for you if you like little very petite ladies. I think it would be nice if we got to know each other. Because we could do so many beautiful things together, don’t you think? With my 1.60 you will surely surpass me and I can cuddle up nicely in your arms, because I love it when a strong man like you takes me in his arms. Since I weigh only 45 kg you can carry me safely and we can try together sexpositions of which you can only dream otherwise. So don’t be afraid to tell me what you enjoy and I will try to make you happy. Stroke me through my brunette hair and look into my eyes. I’m completely shaved and want you to check it out. You can really pamper my graceful firm body with your hands and your tongue, because I like to be pampered in French. To get it afterwards your best piece so beautifully long with the mouth to get.

As an escort in Berlin Girl I will stand by you and be your companion. Sex contacts are for me also always something wonderful and I will seduce you, as it small and dainty girls have now times so to itself. You will not even know how you happen and let yourself fall completely so that you feel everything. I do good for you and you should also know that.

Can you also give me that? Can you be tender and wonderful to me? Can you be passionate towards me? Can you build a human bond with me as an escort in Berlin and not just see it as normal sex contacts? I want to be desired by you and I want that you can satisfy my desire. You should let your male power out on me and push me like you have never pushed before and you should touch me as if I were the first experience you have in your life. Curiosity shall ascend in you and your hands shall explore and touch everything.

Of course, I can also pay visits outside of Berlin Escort. Hoppegarten, Glasow, Wildau and other places are accessible for me. I will massage you or make swimming games with you, if you want. Everything is possible if you have this wish. You should also know about me that I like to kiss, because that’s part of sex for me, don’t you think?

Let’s enjoy the beautiful things in life together and book me as your companion, then we can make the evening really beautiful. So just give us a call, because you always wanted a small and dainty girl like me. So what to wait for?

I’m waiting for you
Kiss Katy

Fact file

Height: 1.60 m
Bust size: 70 A
Weight: 40-45 kg
Figure: daintily
Clothing size: 32/34
Hair color: brunette
Intimate hair: completely shaved
Tattoo: I have no tattoo
Nationality: Eastern Europe
Languages: Bulgarian