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Intim Escort Berlin
Vicky Age: 26
Price: 100,- Euro 1 hour
Phone: +49 (0)176 – 10 33 61 94

Discreet escort in Berlin with the charming Ladie Vicky

Vicky is the dream of a southern beauty. Her great black hair and her deep brown eyes betray her origin from afar. If she still speaks with her cute Spanish accent, it’s about every man’s heart in no time.
Vicky is a special feature of the escort in Berlin. Hardly a lady at the escort in Berlin has her grace and her grace. She certainly has no model size with her cute 1.60, but her whole appearance is that of a great lady.
Vicky is extremely versatile. She was just the dreamy little Ladie awakens with her eyes the protector instinct of her companion, so she is the next moment a determined and serious lady who knows what she wants.
That makes them so invaluable for our escort in Berlin. Because she knows how to serve almost all customer requirements. Especially as a companion on special occasions, it is more than only recommended. In order to be able to move safely even on a noble floor, she brings with her everything that a lady of the world needs in terms of skills and talents.
Not only her sophisticated manners and her talent for languages ​​benefit her, but also her empathy. Vicky understands like no other, to put himself in the people with whom she is surrounded. So it is not difficult for her to always find the right tone in a conversation.
Even when dealing with her companion in private, she applies these skills. She is in a position to divine the wishes of her lover before he can express it in the first place. With great skill, Vicky conjures up an intimate and intimate atmosphere in the room that immediately crackles with eroticism.
Vicky loves sensuality. She knows exactly how desiring her companion’s looks rest on her stunning body. She plays with this knowledge and brings her lover skillfully and lustfully to the mind.
Once this unbridled passion has set in, she knows no bounds. Almost without taboos she gives herself completely to her desire. It can also be enormously demanding. Now it ignites her southern temperament and becomes a blazing volcano.
Anyone who books Vicky at the escort in Berlin, gets more than he can dream.

Fact file

Height: 1.60 m
Bust size: 75 C
Weight: 50-55 kg
Figure: slim
Clothing size: 34/36
Hair color: brunette
Intimate hair: completely shaved
Nationality: Southern Europe
Languages: German